Sustainable Shopping Choices?

How much do we really think about Sustainable Shopping Choices?

We don’t think about Sustainable Shopping Choices as much as price – but we thought that would be the case. The purpose of price in the set of attributes we tested was to provide some context, and a benchmark to compare the other attributes against. What we found has implications for the messaging that surrounds products and for future trends in consumer thinking.

Meeting the 5+ a day recommendation on fruit and vegetables impacts on the weekly shop for three quarters of us. This should really read a ‘best attempt’ at meeting the recommendation though. Another of our data releases unfortunately shows that despite this being a priority for the majority, many fail to hit the recommended amount due to prices being too high.

Interestingly, domestic products are favoured by three quarters but only half are considering food miles. This suggests that short value chains are less important to the consumer; local is good but domestic is fine.

Greenhouse gas emissions currently have a lower impact on consumer choices. We will ask this question again and see if relative impacts change as we move towards 2025.

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