Tourism Booking behaviour

Tourism: Booking behaviour

We used Queenstown as a test case to understand a bit more about pre-booking versus booking in the destination for a range of tourism experiences.

The data shows the type of experience does alter behaviour:

  • Two thirds of those that are booking the biggest ticket items will book in advance.
  • There’s a 50:50 split for those booking adventure, leisure and sightseeing activities.
  • Dining experiences and dining reservations are more likely to be booked at the destination.

Local travel/booking agents are unlikely to be used by domestic tourists, either before they arrive or at the destination. Instead, kiwis prefer to book direct through operator websites or online travel agents, if booking in advance, or through the operator’s store/outlet at the destination. Accommodation providers are also a solid source of bookings.

Finally, to add context, we filtered the sample to look at which activities were the most popular amongst domestic visitors to New Zealand’s adventure capital. The less adventurous activities of scenic walks/hikes and hot pools topped the list. However, the luge, jet boats, snowsports and bungy also made it into the top 10.

This is a quick dive into activity in Queenstown. To find out more, or to understand your location in more detail, contact