How do we shop for groceries?

How do we shop for groceries?

Shopper behaviour at the supermarket really is a mixed bag.

Only half of us look at the detail in price comparisons; there is a roughly even split between those that compare price per 100g and those that just look at total price.

Most of us are price conscious when it comes to picking between brands. However, one in five customers will display loyalty despite price changes or changes in their own budget.

In the times when our budgets are tighter, only half of us will compromise by swapping fresh products for frozen.
Shopping for deals appeals to half of us, the other half prefer everyday low prices.

However, the majority do expect a supermarket to have instore specials; otherwise, questions are raised as to whether the store is really offering good value. We are not easily fooled either. Displays are not assumed to be sale products. Most of us will still compare prices to check if there is a discount.

Our sample is representative of New Zealanders by age, gender and region.

Beyond simple location and a lack of alternatives, Pak’n Save and Countdown customers are choosing those supermarkets based on perceptions of price, New World customers mention staff, quality and price.

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