perceptions of local government

What is driving perceptions of local government?

May 2024

In this quarter, debate about the direction of the new government and how this relates to local body representation has been widespread.
The proposals for significant rates increases in most regions were also a large driver of discussion, as was the related issues of water services and replacing Three Waters.
There has also been significant discussion around the place of Council supported LGBTQIA+ events and rainbow crossings, with a distinctly polarised response. With financial situations so tight, there has been widespread discussion around the vandalism to the crossings; whether the money would be better spent elsewhere, or if standing up to these acts is more important.
The top news story for generating discussion came from the NZ Herald: Drag queen reading group Rainbow Storytime cancels nationwide tour amid ongoing protest by Destiny Church leader Brian Tamaki.
The information presented here provides a holistic view of public perceptions by combining data from a nationally representative sample of New Zealanders with social media trend analysis.

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