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How the Public See Our Industries

Typically, this type of research would measure the proportion of the population that hold a positive view. We thought we would push past just a positive or negative call, instead looking at where those public perception trends are heading and what is driving them. Our question asked ‘how have your perceptions of the following NZ industries changed over the last three years?’

We first conducted this research in October 2021, this second iteration was conducted in March 2023 following the Auckland floods and Cyclone Gabrielle. The big change shows the impact of the weather events on public perceptions: Forestry sees a negative 27%-point change. From 14% stating their perceptions had become more negative in October 2021 to 41% in March 2023.

Perceptions of hospitals, medical care and other health care have also dropped. In October 2021, 22% stated their perceptions had become more negative, this has moved to 37% in March 2023.

This all changes the leader board. We now see farmers and growers with the highest proportion trending to the positive. Within this, the sheep and beef and dairy sub-sectors both saw significant positive changes to the proportion identifying increased positive perceptions and no significant changes to negative perceptions.