Must have treats

What are our festive must-have treats?

Maintaining a traditional lean to our food choices this holiday season, the faithful Pavlova just tops fresh fruit such as strawberries and cherries as our top treat, outranking both trifle and Christmas cake in popularity.

Whilst we might think of mince pies as being synonymous with Christmas calories, this traditional treat seems to be one most of us can take or leave, with only 4% saying it is their Christmas must-have.

Although dessert treats like Pavlova and Christmas cake are considered must-haves by many, we’re comfortable with shortcuts as more of us are likely to go a store-bought route than make ourselves, and we’re just as likely to look for supermarket own-label equivalents as brands.

And it’s not just food treats making it onto our must-have list; for one in ten, Christmas isn’t Christmas without a drop of bubbles!

Our data comes from a robust nationally representative sample of the NZ population, surveyed in November 2023.

From all of us here at Research First, we whisk you a berry merry holiday season!

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