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Has the burp tax debate helped improve public perceptions?

Our update on ‘How the Public See Our Industries’ in June showed farmers and growers topped the leaderboard with the highest proportion of perceptions trending to the positive. This time, we are repeating our deep dive into the media conflict point: how well we think environmental impacts are managed in NZ.

Agricultural emissions, the ‘burp tax’ and a potential fertiliser tax have dominated rural related media between our survey points; these issues, and the stories presented with them, have had the potential to change public perceptions. The impact we can see has been positive.

When we asked for views on how well the environmental impacts from urban development and industrial activities are managed, the results are consistent between May 2022 and July 2023. However, when asked about management of the environmental impacts through farming, a significantly higher proportion would now say that they are well managed.

We also found out how much the general public think NZ sectors need to improve in relation to sustainable practices. Again, farmers and growers come out on the positive side, ranked below tourism and hospitality, and aligned with fashion. Fisheries faired less well, and forestry continues to suffer from the negative perceptions triggered by the North Island weather events.

This data comes from a nationally representative survey of New Zealanders.

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