Research First are currently running a business enterprise project for the World Bank.

If you run a business in New Zealand, you may have received an email or call recently from one of our recruitment staff.

This is to check your availability to participate in a world-wide business enterprise survey for the World Bank. Learn more about the enterprise survey here

The Research First World Bank recruitment team consists of:

  • Anoushka Chiswell
  • Ariana Kim
  • Bree Miles
  • Cassa Cottrell-Bonne
  • Gisela Craig
  • Hayley Barnes
  • Jay Phillips
  • Jennifer Teraitua
  • Lisa Miller
  • Nate Melville
  • Nick Bultman
  • Phoebe Rastrick
  • Pearl Massie
  • Richard Jehan

You can get in touch with the project lead Steve Wagner here:

M 027 304 7562 |  D 0800 101 275