Our team of interviewers delivers survey scripts in such an engaging and friendly manner that it genuinely makes the subject interesting to the respondents. Our senior interviewer team is comprised of industry veterans who have, between them, over 80 years’ experience in call centre work.

With outstanding telephone manner and confidence, our interviewers lead our contact and field teams to deliver spectacular results for each project that we is involved with.

Our interviewers are at the heart of data collection, and the quality of the work each interviewer does shapes the quality of every piece of analysis and insight that our business gives our clients.

Senior interviewers provide mentoring to junior staff and can be flexible across interviewing, data collection, data entry and recruitment. All in all, even if selling is not directly involved in this job, our interviewers have the remarkable ability to “sell themselves” to the prospective respondent to get the interview.

Our current pool of interviewer stars are:

  • Alan Rogers
  • Allison Baynton
  • Bree Miles
  • Carol Reed
  • Cassa Cottrell-Bone
  • Charlene Hawley
  • Diana Kaloudau
  • Elizabeth Yoon
  • Fiona Bowden
  • Glenn Hibburt
  • Grace Nottingham
  • Hannah Chey
  • Hannah Coombe
  • Herb Ramsay
  • Jalene Woolcott
  • Jan Olsen
  • Jana Tapara
  • Janis Lo
  • Jaye Dickman
  • Kalisi Leleifi
  • Karl Low
  • Kayla Baker
  • Kyla Allen-Jennings
  • Lisa Miller
  • Lucy Richardson
  • Madison May
  • Marina Hartkoorn
  • Nathanael Meville
  • Olivia Mander
  • Pearl Massie
  • Rachel Albiston
  • Rhian Sharman
  • Riley O’Brien
  • Toby Elley