Pip Aimer

Data Analytics Team Manager

With over 25 years of experience in research and project management, Pip is a highly skilled professional with a true passion for data analytics, health, and social sciences. She has demonstrated her expertise across diverse research and policy domains, providing invaluable support to clients in developing strategies that drive behavioural change and yield positive outcomes for priority groups.

Pip’s greatest strengths lie in her strategic thinking and problem-solving abilities, excelling in tackling complex issues and developing innovative solutions for outstanding results. Her in-depth understanding of end-to-end business development and data analytics has had a significant impact on the research industry. Furthermore, Pip possesses extensive knowledge of the specific requirements of both central and local government clients, as well as not-for-profit organisations.

Supported by a strong academic background, Pip’s proficiency in qualitative and quantitative research methods, combined with her proven project management skills, consistently position her at the forefront of challenging projects. Her multidisciplinary approach is essential when working on intricate assignments that demand comprehensive expertise across various fields.