Josh Ryan
Manya Craig

BSc (Ecology), BCom (Management), PGDipIS (Information Systems), Mini-MBA (Marketing).

Insights Lead – Qualitative

Manya has a passion for understanding why people do what they do. She has applied this to a career of 25+ years in insights and research. Her experience spans multiple industries, and she has successfully managed countless research projects over this time, from both the client and agency perspectives.

Before joining the Research First team she co-founded a thriving behavioral research agency that applied behavioral science understanding to consumer research. She is now delighted to use these skills in a social research setting with Research First.

As well as being a skilled project manager her core research expertise is qualitative in nature, having honed her interviewing skills over many years. She takes great pleasure in talking with people, understanding that an initial claimed response may not provide the full picture. She looks for the heuristics that may be under pinning answers and recognises the need to explore more deeply when required.