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It gripped the nation for a summer!

Our tracking of Kiwi’s awareness of what’s on down under over the summer just ended reaffirms what we all thought – that the nation’s attention was dominated by the Prada Cup and the America’s Cup. And as Emirates TeamNZ got closer to match point the nation wasn’t just hooked, it was mesmerised. The power of the event to hook a nation was light years above any other. Although, the NZ vs Australia T20 Cricket Series and the White Ferns generated consistent interest in the background.
New Zealand’s media profile around the globe, too, was dominated by the regattas for months on end. The only other events to break into the most discussed stories related to the raising of Alert Levels in Auckland and how that would impact racing.
But how quickly we’ve moved on! Less than two weeks ago champagne corks were flying, and you couldn’t buy ticker tape for love nor money, but our social listening post suggests the halcyon days are all but forgotten!
That said, kiwis are likely to support upcoming major events. Many will travel
for these, adding to bed nights at their destination, albeit in a modest way.

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All eyes on us!

Following on from our dive into the importance of sport to New Zealanders late last year, we thought we’d get an update as to how this is playing out over the summer of 2020/21.
If anything, the focus on sport has grown – primarily driven by the reality of hosting the America’s Cup and the Black Caps vs Pakistan series. And with the Northern Hemisphere rugby competition coming to a head, the announcement that France is to host the RWC 2023 and the Super Rugby Aotearoa 2021 pre-season hype building, sport has continued to dominate our airwaves, in-boxes and social platforms more than ever.
On social, much of the New Zealand related conversation is being driven out of the UK – perhaps not surprising given the performance of INEOS Team UK and the Brit’s love of cricket.

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Destination perceptions

Front of mind perceptions of locations are critical for destination marketing. These show what the potential domestic market believe a location to offer or represent, and can be different from what those in charge of the destination brand say it can deliver.
Front of mind destination perceptions are built from first hand visits and experience but also come from reputation, word of mouth and increasingly, what can be found on social media channels.

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Travel and Accommodation

Inbound tourism is cautiously optimistic as the borders open, and bookings build. Quoted in Stuff, Tourism Export Council chief executive Lynda Keene says bookings suggest international arrivals might return to 55% to 60% of pre-pandemic levels over the coming spring and summer season[1]. However, with the number of operating tourism proprietors down significantly in the last 12 months and low pay and poor conditions in the tourism and hospitality sectors needing an urgent fix, the domestic tourism market remains critically important.

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[1] https://www.stuff.co.nz/business/the-monitor/128768913/tourism-cautiously-optimistic-as-bookings-build-despite-another-summer-without-the-chinese-visitors-who-once-dominated-overseas-arrivals