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It’s official – our behaviour has changed!

Some of the lockdown impacts are obvious: three quarters of us travel less than we did a year ago, half are STILL working from home… or remotely more often than not, and two thirds of us are spending more time with our families. Whether we wanted to change our behaviour to this extent, or not, will eventually come out.
That said, reported behaviour change in other areas of our lives does provide strong indicators of semi-permanent shifts in both what we buy and how we buy. There are also positive shifts in wellbeing indicators for big chunks of the population, despite an increase in reported stress.
Conversations around alcohol consumption have peaked in line with mandated behaviours associated with lockdowns.

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Public perceptions of gene editing

One of the biggest changes on the horizon for NZ food production is gene editing (CRISPR, or ‘advanced breeding’). It is a given that conversation needs to be happening in this space, but a big question is who should lead it? In recent years, there has been an increase in genetically modified (GM) crops and the products derived from them. This has been accompanied by market concerns over safety and vocal opposition by activists. Brands are therefore going to be careful in approaching gene editing conversations; it is likely that any controversy will quickly be attached to the forerunner brands.
Research First has extensive experience in designing and delivering insight studies within the rural sector, this often incorporates public perception components. Curiosity got the better of us on this one; with none of our primary sector clients commissioning the study, we decided to do it anyway!
Our survey provides some first insights to indicate what the consumer wants from its food producers. The study was conducted with a statistically robust, nationally representative sample of New Zealanders.

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