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How the Public See Our Industries, 2024

Typically, this type of research would measure the proportion of the population that hold a positive view. We thought we would push past just a positive or negative call, instead looking at where those public perception trends are heading and what is driving them. Our question asked ‘how have your perceptions of the following NZ industries changed over the last three years?’

We first conducted this research in October 2021, this second iteration was conducted in March 2023 following the Auckland floods and Cyclone Gabrielle, the third in June 2024.

Following the huge impact of the weather events on public perceptions of forestry, this sector has recovered somewhat, though the proportion stating their perceptions had become more negative is still relatively high compared to other sectors.

Perceptions of financial and insurance services, tertiary education, retail trade and health care are all trending to the negative.

Rental, hiring and real estate stays at the bottom spot with the highest proportions stating their perceptions have got worse.

Farmers and growers have consistently had the lowest proportions trending negatively and higher proportions stating their perceptions have become more positive.

The data comes from a nationally representative survey of New Zealanders. If you would like to unpack this more, get in touch with Liz Morley