Engagement in Recreational Activities

Engagement in Recreational Activities is Down

In June 2020 New Zealand moved back to Alert Level 1 following the first major lockdown. At that point we tested which outdoor recreational activities people were keen to be involved in. Asking the same question two years later shows the impact that first restriction on our freedoms had on positive intentions and engagement in recreational activities. Interest overall is down, and there has been a significant drop in the numbers intending to do short walks and day hikes, bird and wildlife watching, freshwater fishing, freshwater boating, diving/snorkelling and four-wheel driving.

Noting that we are comparing a summer measure to a winter measure, there are also drops in our intentions to spend on paid activities and attractions when compared with January 2021. This is unsurprising given the economic pinch and talk of tougher times ahead, combined with that downturn in recreation engagement.

When comparing similar products within activity and attraction types, the main drivers of choice are still price/value for money, reputation and recommendations from family and friends. Sustainability reasons have seen a significant increase in influence in the last two years.