Generative AI

Emerging Tech, 2024

A year on from our first measure, the latest data shows that there are some significant differences in use levels of emerging digital technologies:

  • Usage is up. In all cases, the proportion not using these technologies in either a home or work setting has dropped significantly.
  • Use of generative AI and AI in the workplace has significantly increased.
  • Use of IoT outside of work has significantly increased.
  • Use of blockchain, crypto/digital currencies and NFTs outside of work has also significantly increased.

While use is up, perceptions monitoring shows we are wary. There has been a significant increase in the proportion that believe generative AI or chatbot technology like ChatGPT will damage the way people interact and communicate with each other. Alongside this, confidence in legal frameworks and regulations around the AI industry are still low, and levels of concern around deliberate misuse of the tools and potential privacy violations are still high.

New questions for this year also show that while half of us (53%) agree that AI makes fraud easier to detect, 59% believe that AI is increasing the amount of fraud that is committed in NZ, 62% believe AI technologies make New Zealanders more vulnerable to digital/cyber-attacks and 69% believe they make fraud easier to commit.

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