Research First delivers a full range of market research services to help you gain and maintain a competitive edge. If you have a research need, we can fill it.

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As well as providing your research, we can show you how to understand research, how to know when you can have confidence in what the research tells you, and even how to choose a research provider.

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  Accompanied shopping

  Audience research

  B2B research

  Community consultation

  Concept testing

  Content analysis

  Customer satisfaction monitoring (CSM)

  Environmental scans

  Face-to-face interviews

  Focus groups

  Intercept interviewing

  Key Informant interviews

  Mail surveys

  Literature reviews

  Mystery shopping

  Observation research

  Omnibus surveys

  Online surveys

  Stakeholder panels

  Statistical analysis

  Statistical modelling

  Telephone surveys

  Usability testing

  Visitor research